What’s el Cheeky Flamingo all about?

It’s about taking away the formalities of a night out and crossing sophistication with fun martinis, daiquiris and rum, and enjoying your cheeky experience in a space so inviting you’ll forget where the time went. Miami style decor and funky grooves to keep you in a humble mood.

Feel free to tap your toes or breakdance. Our staff are experienced, extremely passionate in providing you the best service and experience the hospitality industry has been missing, it’s the little things that count. Our wine list is ridiculously juicy and we have exclusivity to some of the best. For the Rum enthusiast were showcasing some of the world’s best, and how can we not forget Adelaide’s best Gins, we’re so proud to showcase and support the local distillers.

A great selection of house cocktails and knowledge to reproduce some classic favourites. Our food menu is a hand selection of bar bites and Cuban favourites to accompany your drinkypoo’s. There are enough items on the menu to satisfy all taste buds and not so many that it becomes complicated.